You Need to Learn How to Date Yourself – Here’s Why (And How)

Read a book at a coffee shop, bar, or restaurant. As I write this piece, I am on my own solo-date at a coffee shop.

Typically, I write at home, but I am between appointments and thought I would mix things up. 

Being alone at a coffee shop is so much more enjoyable than sitting at the desk where I do the rest of my work.

Take an activity-oriented class like painting or cooking. Activity-based classes are a great opportunity to learn a new skill that you are uniquely interested in.

It doesn’t matter if your friends or partner are interested in learning to paint. If you are, you can locate a class in your city and begin learning. 

Additionally, taking a class is a great way to meet people who are interested in the same activities as you.

Do something active like rock-climbing or rollerblading. While you may already have a movement routine you love, it can be fun to try a new active activity by yourself.

Some unique activities may be rock climbing, aerial yoga, or rollerblading through the park. Also, like taking a class, movement activities are often great opportunities to meet people with shared interests.

Do something touristy in your home city. Living in Chicago, I would rarely think to take a date to Navy Pier as it feels cheesy.

However, I am more than happy to indulge my love of touristy things when I am alone. Touristy places may be hip neighborhoods, museums, or large parks.

Go street combing. Street combing is a Dutch practice of choosing a new or interesting street in your area to walk down and photograph.

After taking photographs of anything that catches your interest, go through them and reflect on why you chose to photograph that item or place. Then, use that information to build self-awareness.

Have a “my favorite things” day. The best part of going on a solo-date is getting to do whatever you want to do

A “my favorite things” date is an opportunity to eat, drink, and engage in any and all of your favorite activities. My favorite things date would include oat milk lattes, ice cream, pizza, and running.