The Benefits of Talking With Your Friends About Mental Health

Talking about mental health helps you process your own thoughts and reduce stigma

It can be easy to get overwhelmed or lost in our own thoughts. This leads us to feeling scrambled, unclear, and uncertain. We may then repress our thoughts and feelings because they’re “too much” to acknowledge and deal with.

Simply recognizing our thoughts and speaking them aloud can be incredibly beneficial in obtaining clarity on what is truly going on. Getting something off of your chest, and simply speaking about it to a trusted friend that can be a sounding board can help give you a sense of peace.

I understand this is hard. Your thoughts and feelings are your own. They can be dark. They can be daunting. They can seem unmanageable. It isn’t easy to simply “open up” and share them with friends, no matter how close your friendship may be.

How can you start to move past the initial fear you may feel surrounding having this conversation? Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Registered Yoga Teacher, and founder of Move Therapy and Wellness Laura Dziekiewicz offers great insight.

“Remember that EVERYONE has mental health. And EVERYONE struggles with mental health at some point in life. EVERYONE,” emphasizes Dziekiewicz. “It is part of life and part of being human.”

Being open about mental health allows you to deepen your friendships.

Being open about your own challenges strengthens connection within your community.

Let’s discuss the importance of community and connection. Community and connection are VITAL. Human beings need other humans. We are pack creatures and we are not meant to navigate this world alone.