How to Set Boundaries as an Introvert

There are some common misconceptions about introverts, one being introverts do not like being around people. On the contrary, introverts enjoy being around people, but spending time with others can be incredibly energy-depleting and downright exhausting.

I once heard a comparison between extroverts and introverts go a little something like this: Think of the old-school video game, Mario Kart. 

When extroverts interact with people, they gain gold coins. (Woohoo!) On the other hand, when introverts interact with people, they lose gold coins. (Wah, wah). It sounds like such a silly comparison, but I think it is quite accurate.

Introverts replenish their energy stores by having alone time, while extroverts get their energy from being around other people. 

Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, boundaries are important to establish in our lives. No matter if you resonate with being an extrovert or introvert, here are some tips on how to set better boundaries.

Saba Harouni Lurie, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and Owner and Founder of Take Root Therapy, explains why it is important to establish boundaries.

“They are how we can communicate our needs and expectations, both with ourselves and with others.

With others, setting boundaries is important because they can be the clearest way to communicate how you would like to be treated by those around you.”

Boundaries are important for everyone, but especially introverts. Lurie continues. “Having clear and defined boundaries can be crucial for introverts as engaging with others can be a large source of anxiety and exhaustion; these boundaries will help ensure that they do not get depleted.