How To Rebound From a Stressful Day at Work

1. Walk away from the computer (outside, if possible).

2. Re-make your to-do list to just three, totally essential items.

3. Jump in the shower

4. Try a breathing exercise with a side of CBD

A few minutes of slow, deliberate breathwork can instantly calm your mind AND your nervous system. 

But for those days when your breath needs a boost, we recommend including a little bit of CBD tincture under your tongue.

Here’s why. CBD is most effective when you take it daily (hence, why we’re obsessed with including their vegan gummies as part of our daily supplement routine). However, if you want to feel its calming effects ASAP, ingesting CBD oil sublingually (that’s fancy for “under your tongue”) is the way to go. 

We love Sunday Scaries’ CBD Oil Tincture for this—unlike a lot of other tinctures out there, this one has *none* of that just-mowed-grass taste, and all of the light, tropical fruit flavor instead.

So, next time you’re feeling overwhelmed, try this: Fill your CBD oil dropper about halfway and squirt it under your tongue.