Truth Be Told Podcast: “It Can’t Get Worse, Wanna Bet?” April 23, 2022

The Right Wire Report presents the Truth Be Told Podcast with Bekah Lyons. The Truth Be Told Podcast discusses the important political and cultural issues of the week and provides analysis that will give a different perspective and how these stories will affect us all in the near future. Now, stop reacting and start thinking. The topical notes for this April 23, 2022 “It Can’t Get Worse, Wanna Bet?” episode include:

  • “Rule one: economic security is national security.”
    • The Great Reset = destruction first. Then creation of new world order.
    • Learn more about the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism – see here.
    • “The Perfect Storm” – destabilizing governments, political unrest, war, inflation, economic collapse, and famine.
    • Political unrest and protests to varying degrees: Pakistan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Myanmar, Ukraine, Haiti, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Canada, Australia, Bangladesh, United States, France,  Germany, Italy, UK, Lebanon, Nigeria, Russia, Somalia, Tunisia, Turkey, Peru, Egypt, just to name a few.
    • Supply Chain issues worsen by  China’s lockdowns and the Ukraine-Russian war – see here and here.
    • Food Crisis – see here, here, here, here, and here.
    • China started stockpiling in advance – see here.
    • Inflation: gas, food, housing prices in the USA.
    • Fannie and Freddie triple-negative forecast – see here.
    • Germany has 30% high inflation – not since the 1940s – see here.
    • Volatile markets and sanctions hurting EU and USA – see here.
    • Yellen warns Sanctions backfiring – see here.
    • The play to end US Dollar as reserve currency continues.
    • Currency issues: Israel dumps the dollar for China’s Renminbi, and Japan’s  Yen is continuing to crater – see here and here.
    • Biden calls a special ASEAN summit to pressure support for his Ukraine policies and help shore up the economic crisis he created – see here.
    • Biden’s policies have created a spit at the UN, the USA has little clout left – see here.
    • A retrospective on how Trump revived our economic and national security. But the snowball rolling now of the perfect storm will make it near impossible to repeat Trump’s success – see here.
    • Prepare now and predictions
  •  Putin achieves his stated objectives in Ukraine, but Globalists Dig in for a proxy war:
    • Colonel Douglas Macgregor’s latest update explains – see here and here.
    • Where is all this money and weapons going?  – see here and here.
    • Putin tells the EU that offerings to Ukraine soldiers to surrender are rebuffed because  Zelensky will not allow it – see here.
    • Russian senior military commander, Gen. Rustam Minnekayev, reported as saying the aim is to take “full control of the Donbas and southern Ukraine” – see here.
    • Putin’s most recent statement – see here.
    • Zelensky is now demanding 7 billion a month from IMF and NATO to keep his economy afloat! – see here.
    • Meanwhile, China and Russia are Bosom buddies – see here.
    • Predictions
  • “The Rest of The Story”
    • Here are a few quick-hit stories of the last week.
    • Could Biden’s cognitive decline get worse? You betcha! The Trifecta: Obama gathering, Shaking hands in thin air, and the Easter Bunny Block! – see here, here, and here.
    • Neil Oliver’s Video sums up the “Great Pretending” – see here.
    • Bekah Lyons – “a word about the Republican Party.”
    • Elon Musk raises capital to buy out Twitter – see here.
    • Mask on, Mask Off! The judge overturns Biden’s travel mask mandate, and Joe will appeal.
    • Woke Mouse down. DeSantis and Florida legislature act – see here.
    • Latest Durham filings – see here and here.
    • NY subway shooter down the memory hole. NC mall shooter out on bail within 12 hours while Jan 6 prisoners rot in solitary confinement.
    • Libs of Tik Tok removed from the Twitter cabal censoring explained – see here.
    • Julian Assange’s extradition to the USA will be the end of free speech – see here.
  • Culture Wars:
    • Kindergarten teacher tells kids doctors to guess what the gender of babies are at birth and assign them! – see here.
    • Rhode Island wants to double tax unvaccinated lids parents!  – see here.
    • NYT’s Joseph Kahn was announced as its new executive editor and chose to pose for a photoshoot that was bizarre, to say the least – see here.

Truth Be Told Podcast: “It Can’t Get Worse, Wanna Bet?” April 23, 2022:

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