“Please marry my daddy” – Little girl pens an emotional note to her Father’s friend shortly before she d!ed of cancer

A little girl who lost a battle to cancer has melted heart on social media with a letter she left for her Father’s female friend who was by her sick bed and comforted her through the period of her sickness.

According to the deceased whose name was given as Christabel, her Father’s friend treated her with much love more than her own mother did and her dying wish is to have her marry her Father after she’s gone.

The little girl also said that when she gets to heaven, she will ask Jesus to send her Father plenty money so he’d use to marry her.

The little girl’s letter reads in parts;

I want to tell you to please marry my daddy when I die okay?

I love you so much because you are a good person than my mother.

My mother changed when the doctor said I have cancer and will die at any time.

But you always kiss me and tell me how beautiful I am.

I will give this letter to my Daddy to give you.

Sharing a photo of the letter, Marie wrote;

Wow🥺… A friend’s 11year old daughter died yesterday and today her father sent me this note. I’m teary now chale. Let’s be kind for no reason guys.💔🥲. RIP Christabel❤️

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