AP Cyber Treasury DDO Req – AP Employee Pay Slip, CFMS, Pension 2023

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AP Cyber Treasury: Login on CFMS Or AP Treasury portal to test A.P. Employee Monthly Payslip, DDO Req, Pay Slip, CFMS Status, Pension, Challan & Bill Status Details Online. The Andhra Pradesh Treasury and Accounts branch is accountable for tracking the general economic components of the country. Hence, the AP Treasury gives offerings withinside the discipline of the economic branch.

Under the AP Treasury, there are a complete of 307 treasury gadgets withinside the country. Similarly, there are 14 District Treasuries and 193 sub-treasuries. Now every of those treasury workplaces appears over the economic information of the respective area.

The number one function of the Andhra Pradesh Treasury is to reveal the price range authorization and law of the expenditure. Other features inclusive of earnings tax payments, passing bills, pension processing, etc.

So any character seeking out records associated with her/his economic document can get it via the AP Treasury. The AP Treasury of an internet portal that gives records at the benefit of the residents of AP personnel.

Hence, in case you need to recognize approximately the AP Treausyr payslip, pension pay information, DDO request, and AP Treasury Challan information. Then you could without a doubt get it via the internet site of treasury.

In the subsequent segment, we’ve referred to the method that allow you to get information in keeping with your desires. YOu ought to additionally test out CFMS AP challan fame, CFMS AP FAQ, etc.

AP Treasury Payslip

Every worker of the AP Government ought to test their month-to-month payslip information. The payslip furnished through the AP Treasury includes essential economic information. Hence, as a way to be privy to the month-to-month fee information, personnel do want month-to-month payslips. with the assist of the payslip, personnel can test their income and different information.

Furtherore, you could be privy to the month-to-month installments deductions, and tax projections. When the month-to-month income of an worker is transferred, there are a few quantities deducted from the account. The deducted quantities are the month-to-month installments of GPF, mortgage installments ( if any), and tax projections.

So as a way to recognize the deduction of such quantities, you could generate the payslip. When you down load the payslip you could recognize the deducted amount, income fee information, to be had balance, etc.

Employees may even test the payslip for the primary month in their carrier. However, as a way to get admission to their private money owed, the personnel should take the specified steps. Now in case you need to recognize how to test AP Treasury payslip then you could test the subsequent segment. The following segment may even assist you down load your AP Treasuries worker payslip.

Check AP Treasury Employee Payslip Online

Following the preceding segment right here we’re going to inform you the way to test your month-to-month payslip on line. The method accommodates steps that allow you to generate your month-to-month payslip. To test their payslip on line personnel ought to constantly go to the professional internet site of the AP Treasury.

The Andhra Pradesh Treasury is the web carrier portal advanced through the authorities of Andhra Pradesh. Hence, via the portal personnel or the overall populace can avail themselves of treasury offerings. But the portal gives payslip offerings solely to the AP authorities personnel.

As a result, as a way to affirm the identification of the worker, the portal offers get admission to to the diagnosed customers handiest. In different words, you should offer the vital information to benefit get admission to for your month-to-month income slip information.

The structures discover the personnel with the verification in their login identityentification and password. So with the assist of the identityentification and password, the portal opens the payslip information of the worker. Employees can without problems get admission to their A.P. Treasury month-to-month worker payslip information in the event that they recognize the method. In case you don’t recognize the stairs to be taken then the subsequent commands may be helpful.

STEP 1. First, you should go to the professional internet site of the AP Treasury. Be cautioned to now no longer attempt to generate your payslip from different websites. Hence, to ensure that we’ve the professional hyperlink for the internet site (https://apfinance.apcfss.in/hrms_payslip.do)

STEP 2. Now, wait till you get to the homepage. For the subsequent step, you need to open the NET SERVICES TO PUBLIC choice.

STEP 3. On the subsequent web page, you need to pick out the EMPLOYEE SERVICES choice.

STEP 4. Then click on at the Pay Particular choice. You can also additionally pick out different alternatives relying upon your necessity.

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STEP 5. Here you want to go into the specified information after which click on at the put up choice.

STEP 6. Soon you ought to be capable of see your AP Treasury worker pay information.

AP worker pay slip Login Visit Here

Official Website https://cfms.ap.gov.in/

AP Cyber Treasury

The AP Cyber Treasury is an internet carrier provided through the professional internet site of the AP Treasury. Employees who desire to discover the offerings of the Cyber treasury can go to www.treasury.ap.gov.in.

AP Cyber Treasury keeps the account information and sure economic records. Furthermore, the portal additionally video display units the challans to be paid to the authorities.

Hence, cyber treasury offerings are to be had to the personnel and the general public of the country of Andhra Pradesh. Below we’ve indexed a number of the essential offerings to be had via the AP Cyber Treasury

Bank Wise-file. Date-clever file. Cyber Challan Details. Treasury Challan Details. Account Details DDO Wise. Budget Distribution Status.

Readers who’re in want of records associated with the above-referred to inquiries ought to prefer to AP Cyber Treasury. However, you should have the vital information required on the cyber treasury carrier.

A.P. Treasury Pensioner Pay & GPF

For the pensioners right here we’ve this segment that covers the AP Treasury Pensioner PPO pay and GPF information. Like each different treasury-associated records, you could test your pension information on line.

But you want to choose the particular carrier portal to be had for pensioners. Once you’re privy to the complaints you could test your information with out going for your respective treasury office.

Through the A.P. Treasury internet site, you could get records associated with diverse pension components. Some of the pension-associated offerings are Pensioners’ grievances, pensioner fee records, present day month pension fame, and PPO Arrival fame.

Hence, in case you need to recognize your Pension pay information or A.P. Treasury pension fame then you could test it on line. TO assist you with the method right here we’ve furnished the whole steps.

Visit the internet site of AP Treasury viz https://treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/.

On the homepage click on at the NET Services To Public. On the subsequent web page Pensioners, Information will appear. Now click on at the choice.

Once you click on at the PENSIONERS INFORMATION choice on the subsequent web page numerous pension-associated offerings appear.

Now pick out an choice as consistent with your requirement.

You will want to offer sure information to get admission to your pension information.

A.P. Treasury DDO Request

Before the AP Treasury gets the invoice the respective DDO verifies the invoice. Now the DDO or Drawing and Disbursing Officer video display units the price range and money owed of a specific branch. Hence, earlier than the invoice is submitted to the treasury it should be cleared through the DDO. In order to offer the invoice an character desires to use for an AP Treasury DDO request.

Once the character applies for the DDO req the officer verifies and tests all files and information. So it’s miles essential to say or consist of each element deemed obligatory.

Since the DDO request is an vital component of the invoice presentation. Thus offerings associated with DDO are to be had at the internet site of AP Treasuries. As a result, personnel can test DDO code, DDO claim, DDO payments, DDO clever reports, etc.

In case, you desire to use for the AP Treasury DDO request then you definitely ought to recognize the whole method. To ensure that each reader s privy to the method we’ve referred to the listing of steps that should be taken to finish A Treasury DDO request.

STEP 1. First, you need to visit the professional internet site of the AP Treasury or click on in this hyperlink (https://treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/index.php).

STEP 2. The hyperlink furnished above will take you to the homepage of the A.P. Treasury internet site. When the homepage opens search for the Ext Dep Operation choice.

STEP 3. Click at the External Departments Operations. On the subsequent web page, you need to pick out the DDO operations. To continue in addition open the DDO Operations.

STEP 4. To put up your A.P. Treasury DDO request click on on DDO Claims choice. You can click on on different alternatives as consistent with your queries.

STEP 5. Now the DDO login web page opens. Here input your login identityentification or consumer identityentification after which your password. Then click on at the SUbmit choice.

STEP 6. Then you want to offer different vital information. Then click on at the put up choice.

A.P. Treasury Challan Details

Individuals can test their AP Cyber Treasury Challan information on the AP Cyber Treasury. However, to get to the AP Cyber Treasury web page you need to go to the internet site of AP Treasury.

Through the AP Cyber treasury, you could test your Challan information and down load your A.P. Treasury challan on line. So you could get the AP Treasury challan information with out travelling the treasury office.

Now as a way to gather the vital challan information, you want to have the suitable challan wide variety for (Cyber Treasury Challan). In the case of Treasury challan, you want the Challan wide variety, District code, and STO code.

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Without the vital information, you can’t get the information which you want. Furthermore, to get the challan information, you need to comply with sure steps. To assist you get the A.P. Treasury challan information beneathneath we’ve written the whole steps.

Go to the internet site of the AP Treasury (https://treasury.ap.gov.in/aptry/index.php).

Now whilst you are at the homepage search for the Cyber Treasury choice.

Click at the Cyber Treausyr choice to open the listing of to be had offerings.

On the subsequent web page, you could click on at the Cyber Challan Details or Treasury Challan Details. Select the carrier as consistent with your query.

Once you’ve got got decided on your choice the hunt portal opens on the subsequent web page.

Now right here you want to go into the specified information. Make certain to go into the suitable information.

You can down load the challan or print out a replica of the challan as consistent with your necessity.

AP Treasury CFMS Challan Status

The CFMS is an internet portal designed and advanced through the AP Treasury. Basically, the CFMS affords a comparable carrier to that of the AP Treasury internet site.

However, via the CFMS portal, you could test particular information. Thus, in case you need to test your CFMS challan fame then you definitely ought to go to the CFMS portal.

Other than the challan offerings the CFMS additionally lets in people to avail themselves of Employee offerings and pensioner offerings respectively. Through the CFMS portal, you could test your worker challan, citizen challan, judicial challan, etc.

Along with such offerings you could additionally get to recognize your CFMS challan fame. Here you could test the whole method to recognize your CFMS Challan fame on line. So study the subsequent commands carefully.

Visit the internet site of CFMS viz www.cfms.ap.gov.in.

At the lowest of the homepage search for the Receipt hyperlinks.

When you spot that hyperlink clicks on it to continue. Once you click on at the Receipt hyperlink some of sub-hyperlinks appear.

Once you spot the listing of the hyperlinks click on at the Challan Status choice.

When you click on on that hyperlink the challan fame web page appears.

There input the specified information after which click on at the put up choice. Make certain to go into the suitable CFMS Transaction Id, Department Transaction Id, Challan Number, and Bank Reference Id.

CFMS AP Treasury Employee Payslip

As we stated in our preceding segment that the CFMS along side the challan offerings gives different offerings. Among the ones different offerings is the Employee offerings that consist of payslip information, mortgage, and annual earnings information.

So personnel can both get their payslip from the AP Treasury or CFMS AP portal. Therefore, fascinated personnel can test their month-to-month payslip information via the CFMS AP Treasury.

Like each different carrier to test your AP worker payslip via the CFMS you want to have your private information. For the purpose that the portal can handiest come up with get admission to on the premise of your identification information.

Below you could test the whole steps to test your month-to-month AP worker payslip at CFMS.

You should visit the internet site of the CFMS AP Treasury viz www.cfms.ap.gov.in.

At the lowest of the homepage search for the EMPLOYEE SERVICE. When you spot that hyperlink clicks on it.

Now you need to click on at the EMployee payslip choice.

Then you need to input your consumer identityentification or worker identityentification wide variety.

Finally, you could see your AP Treasury Employee payslip information.

CFMS AP Treasury Pensioners Payslip

Although you could test your AP Treasury Pensioner information from the professional internet site of the A.P. Treasury. However, it’d be less complicated to test your CFMS pensioner pay information on the CFMS portal.

Through the CFMS portal, you could use offerings inclusive of pension slip, annual earnings, pension information. The internet site additionally affords the professional AP Treasury pension portal.

Therefore, if you want to gather information associated with your pensions then you could get it from CFMS. Now to get the whole and accurate records all you want is know-how of the method.

So in case you need to recognize the stairs to test your CFMS AP pension payslip then test out the stairs given beneathneath.

Go to www.cfms.ap.gov.in.

Look for the PENSIONERS SERVICE choice. It ought to be at the lowest of the homepage.

Once you spot the hyperlink click on on it. Then you need to pick out the pension slip choice.

Now you need to input your ID Number. Then click on at the seek choice.

Finally, you could see your CFMS Pensioners payslip.


To recognize how to finish your CFMS ID Login you ought to test out this segment. We are going to inform you the way to log in and additionally help you together along with your login.

Readers should recognize that you could handiest whole your CFMS login on line. So to begin with what you want is a right net connection. Furthermore, you want your CFMS Id and password.

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If you’ve got got your login identityentification and keep in mind your password then all you want to do is whole the login method. Down beneathneath you could see the whole steps for CFMS login.

So comply with those steps and whole your CFMS worker login. Once you’ve got got correctly logged in you could gather the vital records.

STEP 1. Go to the internet site of CFMS AP (cmfs.ap.gov.in)

STEP 2. Click at the Login choice. It might be at the proper aspect of the homepage.

STEP 3. Once the login portal opens input your login identityentification and password. Then click on at the LOGON choice.

STEP 4. Finally, you could test your CFMS worker pay details and different essential information.

CFMS Login Password Recovery

Like the CFMS login, you could extrade your CFMS login password on line via the CFMS portal. Without the password, it’s not possible to finish your log-in.

Therefore, your password is as essential as your login identityentification. So in case you overlook your password it can reason you trouble. But way to the CFMS offerings you could constantly create a brand new password.

Now to create a brand new password you should comply with the professional commands or method. And you’ll want your consumer identityentification wide variety and your private cell wide variety.

So withinside the future, in case you want to create a brand new login password then you may want to recognize the whole method. Below we’ve referred to the method, so comply with every step to reset the CFMS login password.

STEP 1. Go to the CFMS portal ( www.cfms.ap.gov.in)

STEP 2. Click at the Login choice.

STEP 3. Once the login portal opens click on at the Forgot Password choice.

STEP 4. On the subsequent web page, the password healing portal opens. Here input your USER ID and Mobile wide variety.

STEP 5. Now comply with the commands despatched through the portal to reset your password.


How to test AP Treasury Bank-Wise Details?

Other than the usage of the AP Treasury internet site to generate worker payslip you could get the AP Treasury Bans-clever file. To get the whole A.P. Treasury Bank-clever information you need to choose AP Cyber Treasury offerings.

So initially, you need to go to the AP Cyber Treasury internet site. Once you’ve got got get admission to to the homepage click on at the CYBER TREASURY choice. Then on the subsequent web page, you may see the Bank-clever file choice.

How to test AP Treasury PD Account Details DDO Wise?

As we recognize that the general economic segment of the country of Andhra Pradesh is maintained through the AP treasury. Hence, to get records associated with economic components you need to go to the A.P. Treasury.

Similarly, worries associated with PA Account Details DDO clever may be solved when you go to www.treasury.ap.gov.in. If you need to get the whole A.P. Treasury DDO clever file, you could test it via the AP Cyber treasury portal.

How to Know Employee ID?

As consistent with the norms to generate your payslip or to test different information you should have your private worker identityentification wide variety or Employee code. To recognize your worker identityentification wide variety you should put up the request on line via the AP treasury internet site.

So to request an worker code visit the AP Treasury internet site. They open the External Departments Operations. Further on, open the DDO operations. At final click on at the Request EMPCODE choice. Then you’ve got got you input the DDO code and password.

How to finish CFMS ID Search?

To look for your CFMS identityentification wide variety you want to offer a few obligatory information. So we can assist you understand the CFMS Id seek through Aadhar CFMS identityentification wide variety seek with a financial institution account.

Here is the hyperlink for the CFMS worker identityentification seek. Once you open the hyperlink it redirects to the CFMS identityentification seek portal. S when you are at the portal seek your CFMS identityentification as consistent with your choice

What is DDO in Treasury?

The DDO or Drawing Disbursing Office is a gazetted officer of the Treasury Department. Now the DDO handles the components of the general transaction of the economic branch. DDO’s are accountable for drawing price range from the authorities account. Eventually, the drawn quantities are then allotted to the respective money owed. Basically, the month-to-month income of each authorities worker is transferred through the DDO.


The CFMS or Comprehensive Financial Management Systems is an internet platform or carrier carried out through the authorities of AP beneathneath the Department of Finance. It is advanced through the Andhra Pradesh Center for Financial System and Services (APCFSS).

With the implementation of CFMS the Finance Department, the Government of Andhra Pradesh ambitions for a unmarried fee gateway. However, the number one goal of CFMS is to provide the vital records.

The CFMS enables in making green economic transactions, and powerful control. It additionally gives transparency in operations, accountability, etc.

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