Actress Rita Dominic and filmmaker Kemi Adetiba’s partners will show you that… — Nigerian Radical Feminist writes.

A Nigerian radical feminist has shared her thoughts on the exciting life of Nollywood Stars, Kemi Adetiba & Rita Dominic, who respectively had their star-studded wedding, just days apart.

Both Ladies trended on social media mainly due to the age at which they finally got to settle down and it was a welcome development that getting married at 40+ was now being normalized l.

According to the feminist identified as Agwabuo, these ladies gave a clear definition of women who knew their purpose in life, made money and decided to stick to quality.

Agwabuo’s tweet reads;

Kemi Adetiba & Rita Dominic is a clear definition of women who know their worth stick to quality

Their partners will show you that as a woman in your 20s, marriage should be d last thing on your list

Pursue ur purpose, make money, lots of it, then settle if I wish. It’s ur choice

Some netizen’s however disagreed with her tweet, see comments below;

kendrakenneth wrote;

Abegi, different people have different destinies. Do what works for you. If you like be pursuing money and chase all the good men that come your way when you’re young, no come here cry for us later😒😒😒😒😩🌚🌚

realblessingmichael wrote;

They have started. What happened to the ones that made it while in their husbands houses 🤦🏽‍♀️ social media

sandiykee wrote;

Abeg Abeg Abeg! I married early and I’m enjoying my marriage. I have kids in secondary school and when I’m 50, at least two of my kids will be graduates. Whatever works for you mahn

evelyn____xx wrote;

Lmao abeg not everyone wants to marry in their 40’s. Feminist from hell, you could still get dumped and cheated on in your 40’s too. You could be married and still pursue your purpose. No manual to this thing called life.

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