Why do you need to take care of your body?

Most of us take your body for granted. Some eat more than their calories intake and gain body weight while some eat lots of junk but don’t gain weight. And they consider themselves to be healthy but we all know the truth. At Least they will come to know the truth sooner or later.

But it becomes very difficult for a person to make changes in life after it gets too late because you can’t change at a later stage. When you are on your deathbed, you can’t change anything, all you can do is have regret in your life. So, isn’t it better to work hard and do whatever is needed to have a healthy body?

But do we actually take care of our body? The one thing that we take for granted is our body. But why do we act in such a manner?

The answer is very simple. Body isn’t repulsive in nature. It try to solve all problem arises due to the torture by us. But sometimes, we hit our body to the stage where it can’t handle the torture then it give up and thereafter we realise that we are a bad manager.

Isn’t it better to take care of your body and mind when it is healthy? Or atleast don’t torture it by over eating or eating junks, or anything which one should not do. Instead we should do yoga, meditation, exercise or atleast do any physical activity and eat healthy food. So, that your body will stand with you when you need them the most.

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