There is ‘hope from what we’re seeing’ in Ukraine-Russia conflict

Air Force Association Victoria President and Vietnam veteran Max McGregor says there is hope from what is being seen in Ukraine.

Mr McGregor likened the eastern European conflict to the Vietnam War because those involved did not know who the enemy was.

“It’s a very difficult war to fight, you don’t know who your enemy is, you can’t tell them, they are not in different uniforms, they’re not in straight lines, they’re everywhere,” he told Sky News Australia.

“Maybe there’s a message in what we’re seeing in Ukraine at the moment that, yes, a powerful country can invade but whether they can hold it in a guerrilla warfare situation from a group who did not want to succumb to that force of arms, it’s a very difficult thing to control.”

Mr McGregor said he hoped other countries, like China, would observe what has happened in Ukraine.

“Afghanistan showed us that and I’m hoping that maybe China and Taiwan will come to the same recognition that there is hope from what we’re seeing in Ukraine,” he said.

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