Scott Morrison’s speech on China ‘won’t go down well’ in Beijing

Former prime minister Scott Morrison’s recent speech about China “won’t go down too well” in Beijing, Sky News host Chris Kenny says.

Mr Morrison recently spoke at the Global Opinion Leaders Summit in Tokyo where he called for cooperation to counter China’s spread in the region and framed AUKUS and the Quad as key to maintaining regional security.

Mr Kenny discussed the issue with ASPI’s Michael Shoebridge.

“He’s said similar things when he was the prime minister and I think Beijing and the PLA … hearing these speeches from people in democracies tells them two things,” Mr Shoebridge said.

“One, it gives them the very clear message that Scott Morrison gave that China’s behaviour is causing China increasing problems in more of the world as the rest of us notice.

“And two, in democracies, lots of people get a say and have a public position to speak from, including former prime ministers.”

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