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New York, NY, April 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Prometheus AI is an education program that shows everyday traders how to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to increase predictability within the financial markets.

In today’s world, the state of the cryptocurrency market can be compared to the California gold rush. Currently, the market capitalization for crypto surpasses $1.6 trillion. Furthermore, an average of 3.9% of the global population uses crypto, increasing by the day. 

There is no doubt crypto is here to stay. But whether investing in crypto is a good idea remains a matter of debate. How can someone mitigate risk at all times plus trying to avoid the mistakes that take place when you first get into trading? Well, more often than not following a proven process of any kind increases your chances of success. In 2022, the last thing humans lack is technology. We are not just talking about any type of technology, we are talking about AI technology.

An automated system that feeds off data, and proactively learns. Crypto AI bots are a set of programs designed to automate cryptocurrency trading on people’s behalf. Usually, the investor/trader will have to pay attention to the market statistics that play a crucial role in the practice of trading and then choose which cryptocurrency to buy/sell and at what time all whilst making sure they are mitigating risk.

Prometheus AI bot is the leading training and education program in AI bot technology.

This training shows you how bots pull income out of the digital currency markets and exploit profitable trading opportunities faster and more efficiently than humans. If you’ve ever tried trading before, you more than likely found it time-consuming being glued to your computer for hours, waiting for the right time to sell plus investing time and other resources in order to learn about the market and what is the next best move.

The truth is, the old school way of trading is not sustainable and AI is here to stay.

Using tools like Prometheus AI bot create such strong leverage between time and income. These bots eliminate all the challenges you face when trading. Unlike a human, the bot has 100% concentration and it’s active 24/7.It allows you to make daily gains regardless of how the market performs. The volatility of the crypto market will not harm your investment, as the bot pulls your passive income directly out of the trades of any market cycle.

There are many issues that are currently being resolved by AI bots such as exploiting trading opportunities faster and more accurately than a human or eliminating the risks associated with emotional thinking/human error as well as making it easier for the everyday person to trade immediately so they can get some early wins.

If you’d like to learn more about AI and the benefits these automated bots can provide for you, simply click here for more information.

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