‘Many People Have Accepted Jesus in This Time’: As Ukraine Faces Bad News, Orphan’s Promise Shares the Good News

LVIV, Ukraine – Millions of Ukrainians have had to flee their homes and become refugees, but parts of Ukraine are still somewhat peaceful. In these areas, CBN’s Orphan’s Promise is on the scene to provide refugee shelters for those who have fled from the raging violence elsewhere.

Here in Lviv, a city of about 1 million people, you’d never know a bloody war is raging just hundreds of miles east of here. Cafes are crowded, shops are open, and people seem to be enjoying life, but despite appearances, the war, is still, on everyone’s mind.

“For sure I’m worried,” Lviv resident Anita told us. “Every day we’re crying… we are worried about our country’s future. We’re really hoping that everything will end soon.”¬†

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Among those staying is CBN’s Orphans Promise ministry which has turned all of its centers here in Ukraine into refugee shelters and is vowing to stay and help as many Ukrainians as it can. While the ministry is providing¬†humanitarian aid, it’s also providing spiritual hope.

“We are trying to do what we can do,” Orphans Promise worker Olga said. “We cannot save everyone, but the most important part of our job is to share good news. We are trying to share the good news in this time because people are open to accept Jesus and we have so many people who have accepted Jesus in this time.”

The fighting spirit is alive and well here in Ukraine as people continue to hope and pray that this war will soon end.

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BELOW: Orphan’s Promise is also working to provide shelter and aid to Ukrainian refugees who have managed to cross the border into Poland.

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