Between Ebuka And An IPhone User Who Tried To Belittle Him For Using An Android

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, a media personality, simply shared a tweet expressing his desire for a specific time, and because Twitter opted to report that he made the message from an Android phone, an allegedly wealthy iPhone user thought to mock him.

The Tweet Source Label, a feature of the Twitter app, reveals how a tweet was made, and when Ebuka’s revealed that it was made from an Android smartphone, a tweep quoted his tweet in a likely attempt to degrade him, writing “so you are using Android lol.”

Most Nigerians associate using an Android phone with being “poor” or having poor taste, this has only shown to be a nonsensical stigmatization and the media personality proved it when he responded to the user.

Ebuka let the user know that though he uses an Android, he actually uses quite luxurious models that are probably enough to buy up to three iPhones at a stretch. He mentioned that he’s using Samsung’s latest flagship devices, the Samsung S22 Ultra and Z Fold 3.

A quick check on the prices of these gadgets place them at over 1 million Naira and quite close to 2. Thus, using his Android phone yet again, Ebuka silenced a likely ignorant tweep.

See their exchange as you scroll,

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