70-Yr-Old Widow’s House Demolished As Her Stepson Allegedly Throws Her Out In Anambra

A 70-year-old widow identified as Mrs. Theresa Igboanugo, has been forcefully thrown out of her husband’s house by her step-son.

Reports gathered that the sad incident happened in Ifitedunu village, Anambra State on Saturday, April 23, 2022.

The accused, Mr Uchenna Igboanugo, also allegedly demolished part of the house, where the widow has lived for years.

According to a source,

“Mr Uchenna has been trying to throw his step-mother out of her husband’s house since the man died about 10 years ago.

The woman has only one son and five daughters. The accused succeeded last year in forcing the son to pack out of the house he shared with his widowed mother because he was very poor. After attempts to get the Umunna to fight for the son, the accused used his money and influence to ensure the son does not return to the compound.

After that he channeled his energy towards making sure he frustrates the old woman to leave the compound so that he can gain complete control.

Last Saturday, he went to the compound with a group of men who carried tools and forcefully demolished the widow’s toilet, bathroom, kitchen and threw her belongings outside, claiming that the compound belonged to him and she should follow her son.

The widow in question was married to the deceased, Mr Igboanugo, for over 40 years. The house she’s being thrown out of is the house she has lived in for the whole period, raised her children in it too. She was lawfully married as well.”

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